What are the Various Types of Make Up You Can Use?

Why apply makeup? There are plenty of reasons – such as trying to look younger, covering up dark circles and other flaws, feeling more confident and more. But the desire to look more beautiful is possibly the commonest and most important reason for using makeup products. It is possible to classify makeup into 3 categories – Theatrical, Medical and Every Day.  Such categories consist of items which can highlight the nails, lips, eyes or face, or improve the entire appearance. Some of these can be used along with other cosmetic products.


It is a blend of oils, pigments and waxes. Lipsticks are called ‘lippy’ by the Brits, and look like a cylinder with a tip that is pointed, with the whole cylinder in a hard case called a ‘Tube’. Lipstick is applied to add color and texture to the lips.


This type of makeup is used by women most often, although some men use it as well – but that is a different thing altogether.


This one is also referred to as base, and is used on the skin to make the complexion smoother, cover blemishes and flaws and achieve a skin tone that is uniform. It is available in a wide variety of formulations, coverage and colors. Some of the formulas are emollient- and oil based, although these types of formulations are getting less popular with many women – given that these can clog the pores. Powder based formulations are lighter as compared to types that are oil-based, offer more coverage and can stick to the skin more easily. Mineral based foundation has got very popular across the globe, as it offers better coverage and is light in weight.


It is also referred to as rouge, and ensures a more youthful and rosy appearance by adding color to the cheekbones. Blushes are generally composed of powder that is talcum-based, with pigment added to the same. It is applied with the help of a soft brush.


A few of these blushes are more like a pressed or cream foundation, and can go easily with an applicator having soft type sponge.

Nail Polish

It is also called ‘nail enamel’, and is a colored or clear lacquer that is applied to the nails of the toe or finger with the help of soft brush. Some of the versions are specifically formulated, in order to safeguard and strengthen the nail. However, these are primarily used for highlighting the nails and lending a coordinated and finished appearance to a wardrobe of choice. Many people have a manicurist who professionally applies it at the time of a pedicure or manicure. However, women routinely apply it to their nails during their beauty regimen at home.

Some forms of makeup products for women are complimentary, which means that they are generally used by people along with other products. Concealer, which is used by women as a foundation to conceal their imperfections and blemishes, are an example. Facial powder is one more instance, which goes atop a foundation and sets it in place – offering a matte finish.

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