What are the Various Types of Eye Makeup to Use?

The eyes of women are one of their natural and most beautiful assets, and heightening them to the best effect can be great. Know about some of the different types of eye makeup that can be used by females.


It is used on the eyelashes to have them look fuller, darker, thicker and longer in form. You can find it as a cream or liquid and it can go along with a small sized applicator wand. It was invented in the 19th century by Eugene Rimmel, a French perfumer, and was made originally by combining petroleum jelly and coal dust. Today, however, it is created most often out of pigment, water and wax thickeners.

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This kind of cosmetic is used for the eyelashes and is generally applied in an upward and sweeping manner on the bottom part of the upper lashes, and down over the top of the lashes at the bottom. A few women have extremely thin lashes and they can opt for false eyelashes, either one or two lashes or an entire set in those spots where their natural lashes have to be thickened. Generally, a special type of glue is applied to keep the lashes in place although not make them too tough to remove.


Eyeshadow is applied beneath the eyebrows and to the eyelids to make the eyes more prominent and appealing. It can complement the eyes’ natural colors and achieve an effect of dimension and depth. Generally, manufacturers make use of powder and mica to create it. At times, you can find eye shadow pencils as well as kits to put on varied eye shadows simultaneously to get a smoky look for the eyes. These are generally available in eye shaped ovals and can be pressed onto the eye to have suitable shadowing hues.

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The colors of eye shadows can vary and may be available in natural colors ranging between slightly tinted skin to more prominent natural colors, and even colors like black. The choice of color for every individual is based on the desired look and taste.


This kind of makeup is applied across the lids of the eye, along the area where there is an outgrowth of the lashes. It has a pencil shape and comes with a tip that is very soft. It is available in the form of liquid, powder and wax. When it is used along with eyeshadow, or used alone, it can define the eyes. When eyeliners are heavily worn, these have a Gothic undertone.

You can find eyeliner in the form of liquid, pencil or powder, and may be applied under the eyelids or just above the lids to add an element of drama. A few eyeliners may be smudged a bit or smeared in order to apply a small amount of color to the eyelids as well. The general colors are black and brown, although other colors might be chosen as well – such as green, blue, silver and gray. Some unusual colors – such as pink or purple, might also be suitable.

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