What are the Various Skin Care Tools Available?

Skin care products designed for women usually belong to the category of masks, exfoliating scrubs, moisturizers, serums, toners, cleansers and soaps. These specific categories may be further classified into more particular items that serve various purposes – like protecting against damage from sun, fighting oily skin issues, reversing ageing effects, healing acne etc. There are many skin care items designed for women and it is essential to choose the best kind of products that can hugely improve the skin.

Cellulite massagers

Many women are haunted by the problem of Cellulite. Effective tools for skin care, Cellulite massagers are designed to make the skin issue less visible. Such types of items are usually circular and have nodules on a side.


When the nodules are rubbed over the skin, these can help boost the circulation of blood and can smooth the skin appearance.


These are basic tools that can be used by women, and are very useful. These are handy for women, and you can easily find them in the make-up kit of most females. Tweezers are used for the removal of unnecessary hair from different parts of the body, such as the armpits or the pubic area. Tweezers can be found in a wide range of designs, and can help women maintain a clean and pristine appearance of their body.

Eye masks

Many women fail to get enough rest, and their eyes have dark circles around them. They usually appear very tired for this reason. Eye masks are amazing tools for skin care, and can be used to fight this problem. Masks that may be used either cold or warm are the best choices for such purposes.


These are popular products for the skin care of women, and are used even by females who do not use serums or toners. These are able to hydrate the skin, make it supple and prevent the flakiness or dryness of skin.

Image result for Moisturizers for women

Such kinds of products can be found in a wide variety of formulas, and are aimed to satisfy the needs of almost any woman facing a skin care issue. As these are designed to be used for everyday usage, moisturizers are generally the last product that is applied onto the skin prior to make-up. Most of these products are available with sun protection ability.

Serums and toners

Such kinds of female skin care products are applied onto the skin right before cleansing the same. Serums are liquids that are rich in nutrients and are packed in antioxidants and vitamins. These generally have the consistency of any light oil, and are mostly used to combat ageing signs. This is because the nutrients that are present in serums can moisturize the skin, restore the elasticity of the same and promote a brightness that is associated with youthfulness.


These are thin liquids that are squirted on or patted over the face, in order to rejuvenate the facial skin and minimize the pores. Generally, it boasts of astringent properties, which makes it the best for females with oily skin or skin that is blemish-prone.

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