Top Make Up Tips that Every Woman Should Follow

Every woman likes to appear gorgeous and beautiful, and women have always banked on makeup to look more stunning and attractive. Cosmetic makeover can easily make a woman look stylish and chic, and turn heads just as they want. There is lots of make-up ideas that can make you look stunning from head to toe. Here are some make up ideas that you can follow to emerge more beautiful.

Know the skin type you have

It is very essential for you to know about the type of skin that you have, so as to be able to select the right makeup products for your needs. With the use of oily skin, applying oil-based makeup can make oiliness worse, appear sticky in form and not extremely attractive. The market abounds in plenty of products for various kinds of skin. You have to exercise your wisdom while picking cosmetic products.

Clean the skin thoroughly

Before the application of cosmetics, clean the skin thoroughly. For the foundation that comes first naturally, pick one that matches your skin tone. It is recommended that you pick a foundation having SPF (Sun Protection Factor), so that you are able to have a decent protection against the harsh rays of the sun.

Wait a little to let foundation set

After you have finished the application of the foundation, wait for sometime in order to allow it to settle on your skin prior to the application of makeup.

Concentrate on the eyes

Focus on your eyes to get that celeb-like look. Strongly decorate the eyes, as it would accentuate your beauty and look.


Smoky eyes are a latest trend and you can find many celebs that use minimal makeup using it. These types of make up are ideal for important events, party events and celebrations.

Have a glossy look

Apply a brush of bronzer on the cheeks and a glossy lipstick that lasts on the lips, so as to achieve a glossier appearance. In case you use cosmetics daily while going to the office, make use of makeup products that can stay in place for a long time. However, you have to apply makeup in fewer amounts.

Use water based makeup

It will be less problematic for you to use water based makeup products, as there will be no oily spots or accumulation of makeup to deal with.

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The skin can also absorb such types of products more readily.

Use natural makeup remover

It is also important for you to allow chance to your skin to breathe without a makeup layer over the same. Use a superior makeup remover to get rid of your cosmetics and wash the face prior to sleep.

Moisturize your skin again

You should also make use of a rich cream at night to moisturize your skin, and achieve a soft glow. Time and again, also make use of face packs that are appropriate for your skin – so as to make your skin retain its elasticity and prevent the process of aging and opening of the pores.

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