How to Apply Under Eye Makeup?

Under eye makeup means the powder, foundation and concealer that are directly used beneath the eyes. A number of tips have to be kept in consideration when you apply such type of makeup. The first thing to do is apply a concealer, which can neutralize the pigment and brighten up the complexion. If you wish to achieve a smooth appearance, it is essential for you to learn how you should use foundation, moisturizer and some types of tools to blend makeup beneath your eyes. You have to know a few important tips to set makeup under the eyes, and make it persist all through the day.

Apply a moisturizer before using concealer

If you wish to get a smooth application, apply the moisturizer a few minutes prior to the application of the concealer. When you moisturize the skin, the fine lines would be plumped temporarily, the dry areas would be hydrated and a smooth appearance will be assured.


This makes makeup application easier, and lets the products get blended easily into the skin.

Apply a makeup primer over your moisturizer

This can help if you often find your makeup getting streaky or runny. With primer, you can have a long-lasting and uniform base that can hold makeup securely in place. The product is not needed at all times, but may be used to provide makeup with extra staying power.

Use a concealer

It is the most vital makeup product to use under the eyes. This is thicker and happens to be more pigmented than foundation – that offers more coverage to users. When you pick a concealer, try to find one that 1 – 2 shades lighter compared to your skin complexion. Look for one with yellow undertones if your eyes have dark circles beneath them. Concealer having yellow undertones can counterbalance the purple appearance of the dark circles beneath eyes.


Use a concealer brush to apply a small quantity of concealer on the skin. It can make it more convenient to control the application of the product with no pull on the delicate skin under the eye. Make use of a small makeup sponge to dab the area and blend the product in, until you achieve a natural effect. Those who do not wish to use such a sponge may blend the makeup by using any of the ring fingers to tap the concealer lightly.

Apply a foundation

Once you have entirely blended the concealer, use a clean makeup sponge or your own fingers to apply the foundation over your face. Although you may apply concealer over foundation, it is often founda that concealer appears more natural when layered beneath. After the application of under eye makeup, one can start to apply other types of eye makeup products – such as mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner. These products must be applied with care to avoid shifting of makeup to the region beneath the eyes.

Finish with a translucent powder

Applying this type of powder can prevent the smudging of under eye makeup. It will set your makeup and ensure that it lasts all through the day. Do not tough the site. Else, the makeup will get smeared and there can be bacterial infection.

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