How Can You Create a Stylish Beauty Mark On Your Face?

Beauty for women is many things together, and even an imperfection can serve to highlight the perfection. A small sized mole on the face, a beauty spot or beauty mark is generally over the lips. This type of mark instantly brings to mind the faces of gorgeous women like Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford. Even if you do not actually have a beauty spot, you may create one with an eyeliner pencil, with eye shadow and eyelash glue. Find out how to do so.

Use a soft eyeliner pencil

The easiest way to make a beauty spot is to use a soft eyeliner pencil. The pencil needs to be of the same color as that of the moles that you have already on your body, to get the most natural appearance.


A brown color is better as black may look unnatural and harsh. Waterproof eyeliner can last for more time than one that is not water-resistant. You may also go for liquid eyeliner.

Choose the right spot to mark

Generally, a beauty spot is over the lips and under the external edge of the eye or a side. In case you have a pimple on any of the sites, you may cover it with a fake beauty spot. The eyeliner pencil needs to be pointed and simple, so that you may achieve a round and small mark which does not easily smudge.

Directly push the pencil to the skin

Directly push it at that point where you would like to create the mark. You can then twist your eye pencil round and round to ensure a darker mark that is not larger.


Never dab your spot again and again like paint. The case is more complex with liquid eyeliner as compared to a pencil.

Apply glue

If you wish to create a beauty spot which looks even more natural as compared to a dark spot on the face, you may put a small dot of eyelash glue over the spot, which can serve as a base for your ‘mole’. Other types of glue are not safe to be used over the face and are not suitable for this purpose. Once the glue dries for some minutes, you may then color the dot in with a suitable eye shadow shade with the help of a narrow and soft brush. You may moisten the brush tip prior to dipping it into the eye shadow, for convenient usage.

Use a foundation

Generally, just one beauty spot is naturally present on a face. In case you have large sized freckles or moles, you may direct your sole attention to your fake mark and use a foundation to cover up every other mark. Once you are done with applying the remaining makeup, keep in mind that you should not rub your artificial beauty mark – in case it results in smudging. If you are assured that a beauty spot is appropriate for you, and want to get one permanently, you can have one tattooed permanently onto your own facial skin.

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