How Can Women Remove Makeup Naturally?

Makeup or cosmetics is put on to improve natural appearance or hide the imperfections and flaws. Young women starting to wear makeup need no more than a basic foundation and lipstick. A vital rule for any woman wearing make up is to pick shades that can complement the natural tone of skin. Wearing bold and vibrant colors might not flatter everyone. Thus, makeup has to be applied skillfully and not overdone. Rather than buying artificial makeup remover, some women prefer to use a type of product that is more natural, and can be obtained right at the kitchen. These include:

Olive oil

It is extremely effectual at the removal of makeup and can improve the skin very well. Take a small amount of this oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad, and use it for the removal of even thick layers of eyeliner and mascara. After the removal of all the makeup, the excess amount of olive oil may be washed away with the help of warm water.


Olive oil, other than the removal of makeup, is also excellent for conditioning the eyelashes and moisturizing the skin. It can make the skin smooth and nourish it from within, bringing an even glow to your complexion.


This is one more product that helps remove makeup naturally, and can easily be found in the kitchen. When you spread plain yogurt across your face, you can easily remove makeup from the skin and get rid of cosmetics by washing yogurt away. Yogurt can be a better choice for the removal of makeup all over, when for some reason facial cleanser is unable to do that.

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Some women like to use yogurt over their faces rather than a natural facial cleanser, given that a few products that claim to make use of organic ingredients consist of a small amount of ingredients having non-organic or chemical products. Yogurt is naturally available in many kitchens, and can easily be accessed for the removal of cosmetics.

Mashed banana

This is one more natural remover of make up. You can take a ripe banana, mash it to a paste of fine consistency, and spread the same over your entire face to get rid of dirt and cosmetics from your skin. If you want to improve the paste’s consistency, you can add a few drops of milk.

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You can apply the mix to the face in the form of a mask for around 10 minutes, and then use a warm wash cloth to remove the same. Other than getting rid of cosmetics, you can also use mashed banana pack for other benefits that it comes with – such as refreshing and softening the skin of the face. It may also be applied onto other areas of the body, to get smoother and more beautiful skin.

While a gentle cleanser and a small amount of warm water can be enough to get rid of lighter shades of eye shadow, foundation, blush and powder, the natural cosmetic removers can help remove tougher-to-remove make up such as dark eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner.

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